About Us

About Us:

At Cano Properties, we do things differently because our goal is not just to rent apartments, but to provide a better way of living. It’s why we’ve been creating the most beautiful, best-maintained and safest properties in the Midway area for over 30 years. Starting with just one property, our founder and sole owner  Lou Cano, has grown the business to over 50 buildings, each proudly baring his name. And since he only manages the properties he owns you’ll understand why we take such pride in keeping our buildings so well maintained.

Our core values drive our business and serve as a daily reminder of how important the individuals and families that live within the buildings and communities we serve are to us. Each and every one of our employees and vendors have come to understand the importance of the role they play in our success, so that our customers will never doubt our commitment, capabilities or intentions.

Vision Statement:

To create living environments that enrich the lives of all who experience them.

Mission Statement:

Cano Properties is committed to creating great environments where individuals, families and friends live, work and play. Our expert team of professionals continually strives to provide an experience that exceeds all expectations and sets new standards in the communities we serve. Through our commitment to excellence and positive values, we enrich every life and neighborhood we touch.

Our Brand Values:

Welcoming— We’ll do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your needs. We’ll go far beyond what you expect so you know you’re our top priority. We want you to enjoy being part of the Cano Properties family.

Customer Focused — We don’t just respond to our customer’s wants and needs, we anticipate them and provide a product and services that fit our customers’ lifestyles and needs.

Committed — We are responsible to our tenants, the neighborhood and the community to provide the best living experience possible in buildings that we make beautiful, clean and safe.

Consistent — We recognize the importance and benefit of delivering a consistently exceptional product that is backed with consistently exceptional services from building to building and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Responsive — Understanding, appreciating and being receptive to our tenants is paramount. When questions arise, we have answers. When issues arise, we address them quickly and efficiently.

Excellence — We strive for it in all areas of our business— from the quality materials we use in the living spaces we create to treating our tenants with dignity and respect. We continually look for ways to improve in an effort to create wonderful experiences for the individuals and families we serve.